Saturday, February 4, 2012

The amal of Ism-e-Azam, Ya latifu

Assalam oalaikum

If a girl is old enough to get married but she does not get good proposals then her mother or father should perform ablution (wazu) and offer 2 rakat namaz. Then Ya Lateefu should be recited 100 times and one should pray to Allah. Inshallah very soon the girl may get married. This Ism-e-Azam proves to be very fruitful if it is made a routine to recite it either in the fajar ir isha.
Keep me In Your Prayers
Amel Soname


Anonymous said...

can this amal b done for love marriage

Tawheed Ad said...

asalamualikum sir my name is Tawheed and i wana isme azam of my name plz.plz.plz

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